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Utilizing both technical expertise and the latest and greatest technology, Diverse Tooling designs dies with speed, accuracy and cost efficiency.

Solid Works

With the latest version of SolidWorks solid modeling software, our designers are equipped with all they need for design and building with tool and die planning, visual creation, modeling, feasibility assessment, prototyping and project management.

Surf CAM

Our 3D CAM software efficiently fulfills CNC machine programming requirements.

Logo Press

Our designers are trained to design metal stamping dies, progressive dies and transfer dies with LogoPress3 design software.

Esprit CAM

ESPRIT CAM is the best comprehensive manufacturing software to program our WEDM.


Diverse Tooling Inc. fulfills a number of custom tooling and machine part needs through our complete services, which includes concept and tool development, design, set-up and delivery.

Extrusion Tooling Icon

Extrusion Tooling

Our tool and die makers and engineers build and maintain everything from plastic extrusion dies to inline secondary punch operations. Our team will always provide a solution for your business.

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Die Cast Trim Dies

Our experienced team of engineers produce quality die cast and trim dies. We ensure that the highest demands in precision and durability are met with every one of our products.

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Producing quality tooling gives us the unique ability to provide prototypes at a low cost with short lead times. This allows customers to decide if they have the correct tool before fully investing.

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Custom Machining

Extensive equipment capabilities and experience allows our team to provide a variety of precision tools and machine parts. We come up with creative solutions for all project requests.

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Heat Treat

Utilizing our two heat treating ovens, tooling is provided in a timely, cost effective manner to meet even the most complicated of specifications. No job is too advanced for our experienced team.

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Fixtures & Gauges

We design, develop and build fixtures, gages and jigs to assist with secondary machining, welding operations and final inspections. We exceed client expectations with our custom projects.

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Stamping Dies

With simple hand transfer tools as well as complex progressive and draw tools, we can provide the most popular and diverse stamping dies. We can't wait to earn the opportunity to work for you.

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Diverse Tooling is fully equipped with a variety of capabilities to meet custom tooling and machining part needs. Our complete tooling services offer production ready parts before even leaving our shop. Let us know how we can help you!


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